Self-Hypnosis Course

Set yourself free from the painful feeling of the past!
7th Path Self-Hypnosis® is a revolutionary new approach to self-improvement.

Mind- Body- Spirit Approach

When you change your mind, you can change your life! I teach you how!

Change your life with Self-Hypnosis

 Are you ready to free yourself from stress and the painful feeling of the past, get rid of old habits and behaviors that are holding you back, improve your mood, and make powerful, positive changes in your life?

Learning self-hypnosis can help you with these things and more.  Take back control of your life and live the life you were meant to live.

7th Path™ is changing lives all around the world by combining the power of self-hypnosis and your own higher belief. Practitioners of this new self-hypnosis system will benefit in many ways because it is a holistic approach. This means that as you work on a particular issue such as improving motivation, concentration, breaking a bad habit, or whatever, the positive effects of using this system will affect many other areas of your life. It is truly a mind-body-spirit and emotional energy approach to self-improvement.


7th Path is simple

You will find that the process is simple, yet profound in its ability to help you move along in life, moving you past old blockages to success.

In just a few hours you can master the techniques used in 7th Path Self-Hypnosis®.   Anyone of normal intelligence who wants to learn this process can learn it, and use it to make powerful changes in their lives.

Learning 7th Path™ is the easiest way to learn self-hypnosis. When you try to learn self-hypnosis from a book or from a CD you always wonder if you are really doing it right. At our center the way it works is that a 7th Path™ trained master hypnotist teaches you the technique, including how to go into hypnosis. The therapist is there to make sure you are doing it right and to answer any question that you might have, right then and there.


What can 7th Pathhelp you with?

  • Overcome bad habits such as smoking, nail biting, excessive snacking, procrastinating, and over sleeping.
  • Create new habits such as exercising regularly, self-motivation, being more patient with others and more.
  • Self-improvement such as improving your mood, self-confidence, reducing stress, public speaking, overcoming fears, improving study effectiveness, being a better parent, improving relationships, answering your calling in life and more.


How the technique works?

 This powerful new system of self-hypnosis enables the practitioners to break free of old habits and limiting beliefs then begin to create new beneficial habits and move beyond what the old limited self was able to accomplish.

The 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® System does this by first removing old negative programming from your past, such as limiting beliefs and habits. Then, you begin to work on any specific issue that you care to focus on.

There is an old saying that goes something like “you must first empty the cup before you can put anything new in it.” One of the problems with other forms of self-hypnosis is that the hypnotic suggestions that you give yourself must go up against years of old programming. The old programming does not want to go, and the new suggestions are rejected.

Removing the old programming first helps to avoid this and tends to make the new suggestions more powerful. In addition, when you remove the old programming you just start to feel better and even without additional hypnotic suggestions. Many practitioners will begin to achieve their goals, especially if they have to do with health, automatically. It seems that once the old programming that got in your way of being successful is gone, your own natural programs for health just seem to start working better than they ever did before. As a result, you just tend to start taking better care of yourself, and old patterns such as addiction (i.e., smoking, overeating, alcohol abuse, etc.) or emotional problems begin to fade away.

The 7th Path™ acts like a deprogramming device that removes old limiting beliefs and patterns. We call this process the “Emptying of the Cup.” During this phase of 7th Path™, the system works like anti-virus software for the mind, ridding you of all erroneous programming from the past that is getting in the way of your happiness, success and feelings of confidence.

Once some cup-emptying has been accomplished, then the practitioner can use the system to make just about any kind of improvement that he or she wants to make in life. For example the practitioner can become more confident, improve self-esteem, improve mood, become more motivated or overcome bad habits, addictions and compulsions.


 In the privacy of your own mind

 Many issues which could only be worked with through counseling can now be helped in the privacy of your own mind.

With 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® you don’t have to tell anyone about your problem or about your past. The work is done completely within yourself.

If you decide that you would like to talk with someone about what you are doing or the issues that you are dealing with, I can help you to move through your issues more quickly if you wish.


The process is simple and would generally follow this structure:

  • First receive an introduction to hypnosis, where you learn about hypnosis and the subconscious mind.
  • Then you will learn all about how the system works and how you can “empty the cup.”
  • Then you will get to learn how to induce hypnosis in yourself and give yourself the 7th Path™ suggestions.
  • There will be lots of time to ask questions and practice your new skill.


Now you can also learn this easy technique to free yourself from the painful feelings of the past and live a happy and balanced life.

You can participate on the course with a group or individually in Balatonalmádi or in Skype!

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You can change your life with the Path!